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When it comes to Estate Planning and Family Law services, there is a vast majority of information that may change how you document your assets, personal information and decisions. Below we have our top blogs and articles that discuss the various topics of the services we provide! Feel free to browse our blog page or search for a certain blog with the search bar above! 

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How Medicaid Works

Millions of Americans receive comprehensive medical coverage and financial protection through Medicaid, a federal and state public health insurance program. The program helps low-income families,

Fraud Against the Elderly

With more people online than ever before, scammers are becoming more adept at mimicking communications, resembling tech support, government employees, and romantic partners. Seniors are

Seniors’ Benefits from Exercise

Although we gain more time after retirement, exercise may still be sacrificed to other activities in our busy lives. According to the American Medical Association

Combating Age Discrimination

The problem of age discrimination in the workplace persists despite decades of efforts to eliminate it. Age discrimination occurs when an employee or prospective employee

Estate Planning Basics

As part of a comprehensive estate plan, several documents are created that spell out how a person wishes to be remembered. During the process, you

Make Your Estate Plan Conflict-Free

It is possible that your heirs, including minors and adults, may disagree regarding family circumstances, particularly regarding inheriting your estate. Relationships can change and intensify

Government Programs for Seniors

Current inflationary pressures are leading to financial insecurity for many US seniors. Besides reducing unnecessary expenses, retirees or near-retirees should examine existing government programs to